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the platform

The all-in-one platform
for the best run labs

  • Streamlined Lab Operations

    Streamline and centralize your lab operations with Quartzy’s intuitive all-in-one platform, reducing administrative tasks and increasing efficiency.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    Foster seamless collaboration among lab members with Quartzy’s shared workspace, facilitating communication, sample tracking, and project management.

  • Simplified Procurement

    Simplify procurement processes with Quartzy’s integrated marketplace, allowing easily ordering, tracking, and management of lab supplies and inventory.

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Kevin Eisenfrats
Co-Founder and CEO, Contraline
“If you’re a biotech company, you should be using Quartzy. We’ve been using it since day one!”
Victoria Sample
Laboratory Coordinator
“Outstanding customer support, ease of use, reliability, functionality, ordering capability, Quartzy shop - it’s FABULOUS!”
Holland Pritchett
Lab Operations Manager, BIOMILQ
"The subscription essentially pays for itself with how much we’ve saved on ordering lab supplies!"