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Introducing: Custom Request Fields

Wednesday, November 3 @9am PT

You asked and we listened: custom request fields are here*! Users will now have the ability to create custom request fields, defined at the organization level. During this webinar we will cover everything you can do with custom request fields including:


During this webinar we will cover:



  • How to create custom request fields to fit your goals
  • Customization of request form and table views
  • Explore common use cases like building better reports or spend justification

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get started using this new field and chat with the product team. 


*This feature is for paid subscribers only.

Getting the Most Out of Your Quartzy Subscription

Wednesday, November 10 @9am PT

Are you new to Quartzy? Have you had Quartzy for a while - but are only using a few features? Then this webinar is for you! During this interactive webinar you’ll be able to ask your questions in real time. We’ll also go over some of Quartzy’s best features.

During this webinar we will cover:



  • Searching & Requesting
  • Importing & exporting functions
  • Using Quartzy for Inventory
  • Spend report & inventory backups
  • How to manage your lab vs org
  • Navigating the Quartzy Shop

We'll also give you some ideas for how to get your team to adopt and use Quartzy.

Utilizing Quartzy’s NetSuite Integration

Wednesday, November 17 @9am PT

With Quartzy’s integration with NetSuite you’re able to automatically generate purchase orders with one-click. We’ll review all of the integration’s features.

During this webinar we’ll cover:



  • Data Automation: Save time and reduce errors by automatically generating POs.
  • Custom Fields: Capture anything you need in NetSuite by customizing your Quartzy fields.
  • Collaboration: Easily share information between scientists and accountants.
  • One-touch-Sync: Transfer data into NetSuite with just one click.

We’ll also highlight a case study from Quartzy customer NextScience and answer live any questions you may have about implementing this for your Quartzy instance. 

Introducing: Multi-Step Approvals

Wednesday, December 8 @9am PT

Make sure all your purchases are reviewed by the appropriate people by creating customized, tiered approval flows.


During this webinar we will cover:


  • Creating multi-step flows to match your approval processes
  • Routing approvals based on Type or spend tracking code
  • Understanding how your users will approve requests

Setting up your Inventory on Quartzy

Wednesday, December 15 @9am PT

Inventory should boost science, not block it. Our lab inventory manager is fully customizable, so you can track all key details for every supply and lab-made material. From quantities and locations to expiration alerts and MSDS forms, you’ll comply with regulations and stay in full command.


During this webinar we will cover:



  • Uploading and editing inventory in bulk
  • Creating inventory reports and backups
  • Setting notifications and reminders
  • Getting your team to cooperate with inventory!