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Integrating and Utilizing QuickBooks Online

Wednesday, August 11 @9am PT

Did you know that integrating QuickBooks Online with Quartzy is included with all Quartzy Standard Subscriptions?

If you’re a scientist or researcher, accounting and finance is probably not on the top of your mind (and vice versa for accounting folks). With Quartzy’s QuickBooks Online integration (which is already included in your subscription), you can save 2-6 hours/day and get back to focusing on the stuff that really matters. 


During this demo webinar we will cover:



  • Setup your QuickBooks Online account in Quartzy
  • Generate custom or automated PO numbers
  • Save time and reduce errors with automated data sync

Becoming a Quartzy Power User

Wednesday, August 25 @9am PT

Quartzy is an incredibly robust tool and our product team is adding new features all the time. You can have been using it for years and still be missing out on some of our most helpful aspects. Don’t miss this webinar where you’ll have plenty of “I didn’t know that!” moments.

During this webinar we’ll cover:



  • Searching & requesting
  • Using barcodes
  • Import & export functions
  • Spend report & inventory backups

Managing Your Organization with Multiple Labs on Quartzy

Wednesday, September 8 @9am PT

Implementing Quartzy at both your organization and individual lab levels can help with achieving milestones and deliverables faster! During this webinar we will discuss administrative functions on an organizational and individual lab basis. Here we’ll show you how to manage both your lab and organization members. As well as accessing the customizable features and tools.


During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to manage your lab vs your org on Quartzy
  • Managing org users
  • Functions of an org admin vs a lab admin
  • Customizing lab settings

Administrative Functions Deep Dive

Wednesday, September 22 @9am PT

Quartzy admins, this one's for you!


During this webinar we will cover:


  • Differences between lab member & admin privileges
  • How to access personal account settings (Profile, Password, Email Settings, Credit Card)
  • Typical tools admins would use to help with efficiency “spend reports, inventory backup”
  • How to manage organization users

Starting your lab on Quartzy

Wednesday, October 6 @9am PT

Welcome to the #1 lab productivity software! This webinar is a great place to get started (or in some cases get re-started) and position your lab for success.

During this webinar you will learn:


  • The first steps you should take when creating a Quartzy lab
  • How to add locations and types
  • How to upload your existing inventory
  • Determining an ordering process
  • How to train your team to adopt and use Quartzy
  • Inviting coworkers to Quartzy / managing roles