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Strategies to overcome supply chain shortages

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Controlling what's in your control

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many unexpected challenges in supplying Life Science labs. Due to the nature of the pandemic and the supplies that are in demand, therapeutics organizations have been faced with the brunt of this problem. These issues continue to be unpredictable. Simple materials that were once easily available for any lab are now scarce, making scientific discovery nearly impossible without them. 

The supply chain is clearly out of your control - but what can you control to ensure your lab runs more efficiently and you can mitigate the supply chain issues?


Hear from our panel of experts made up of researchers, lab managers, and suppliers from leading therapeutics companies discuss:

  • What is currently going on and why is this happening?
  • Is this the "new normal" for the supply chain?
  • What affect have these limitations had on the pace of scientific discovery?
  • What are some strategies in overcoming supply chain shortages that laboratories can control themselves?
  • What tools can laboratories be using to manage this?

This webinar will be recorded and sent out to all who register. 



Jill Peluso

Head of Global Customer Supply Chain Innovation & Development
Millipore Sigma
Rich Happell Portrait Shot

Rich Happell

Tyler Chapman Portrait Photo

Tyler Chapman

National Sales Manager
Gerry Andros

Gerry Andros

VP Sales, PSS Division
IMG_4491 (1)

Amy Yamamura

Scientist, Lab Manager

Paul Buske

Director of In Vitro Model Systems
James Haviland

Jamie Haviland

Lab Manager
Amagma Therapeutics