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The rise of AI/ChatGPT, and its impact on procurement.

  • webinar-icon-date-2x DATE: Tuesday May 30, 2023
  • webinar-icon-time-2x TIME: 12:00 pm PST

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Uncover how AI can optimize procurement operations

Join us for an exciting webinar featuring Jayant Kulkarni, CEO and founder of Quartzy, as he presents "The rise of AI/ChatGPT and its impact on procurement." Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming the procurement landscape and revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

During this engaging session, we will explore the potential of AI and its practical applications in today's world. Jayant will provide a comprehensive overview of what AI can do today, highlighting both the fascinating and fun aspects.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to uncover how AI can optimize procurement operations, drive efficiency, and unlock new opportunities.


AI generated image of Jayant Kulkarni,
Founder & CEO of Quartzy