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The Quartzy Non-Profit & Academic Subscription Package

What you need to know:


  •   Quartzy is rolling out a new subscription model for our academic, non-profit and government users.

  •   Introductory subscription rate is $99 / individual user / year. To ease the transition for those who have been using Quartzy at no cost, we are offering e-commerce credits to offset the subscription fee in the first year, making the new program cost-neutral through July of 2024.

  •   Starting July 1, 2023, all current non-profit users will be required to be on a paid subscription. 

  •   Admins overseeing multiple labs can use the form provided on the right to let us know which labs to combine under one Billing Group. See video above (starting at 5:20) for more details.


Complete the form below to indicate which labs should be included in your billing group and provide a new name for the group.