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The Quartzy Shop

In addition to organizing your inventory and requests on the platform, you can also buy from Quartzy just like you'd buy from any other vendor! We're an approved vendor at over 200+ universities and carry over 10 million products from 1,800+ trusted life science brands.

Thanks to our large customer base, we have great prices from the suppliers you know and love, even beating your University pricing. Buying from Quartzy also means incredible support and automated order tracking of confirmation numbers, tracking numbers, and more. 

Just ask the thousands of labs already buying from Quartzy!



Shopping with Quartzy for Academic Labs

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In this video we will cover:

  • Searching and browsing for products in the Shop module
  • How to view quotes for products already being requested in your lab
  • Checking out via Credit Card, PO, or through your institution's eProcurement system

How to buy from Quartzy

Whether you use SmartCART at Case Western, BennyBuy at OSU, BearBuy at UCSF, or any other eProcurement platform like SciQuest, Oracle, or Ariba, Quartzy has you covered! We are an approved vendor at most universities and can accept payment through P-card, purchase orders, and eProcurement platforms.


If you are checking out with a PO or P-Card, simply add items you'd like to purchase to your cart and check out from there.


If you are using an eProcurement system, go to the cart to download a quote. From there, enter Quartzy into your system through a punchout tile or as a non-catalog vendor.

Don't have Quartzy as a punchout tile? Put us in touch with your procurement folks and we'll do the rest. Send us an email at sales@quartzy.com.



Save time, money, and headache with the Quartzy Shop



Compare products
with ease

Reagent on backorder? Wondering if you could pay less? Instead of spending hours hopping between websites, the Quartzy Shop allows you to compare pricing, lead time, and even equivalent products vetted by our experienced team of life scientists.


Automated order

When you buy from Quartzy, we confirm receipt with suppliers, upload tracking details, and reach out to you with alerts on shipping issues. Everything is automatically tracked - no need to manually enter confirmation numbers or tracking details.


Free standard shipping

Spend $199 or more on a single order and get free standard shipping. No promo codes or extra step required. Does not apply to orders that must have expedited freight or handling fees such as dry ice and hazardous materials.



The Quartzy

The Quartzy Guarantee covers every purchase you make through the Quartzy Shop. You’ll get complete support from your first click right through to delivery. And if you’re ever unhappy with a product, we’ll make it right.


How to use a promo code

Got a discount you'd like to use? It's easy to use a promo code in your cart to check out on Quartzy.

Credit cards and PO

In your Quartzy cart, you will have a field to enter promo code. Insert the promo code there and the discount will automatically be applied.

e-procurement systems

In your Quartzy cart, enter the promo code and generate a quote from there. Then check out as you normally would in your purchasing system with the quote attached.

Please note that promo codes are single use and come with an expiration date. Double check your offer email!


See if Quartzy is already an approved vendor at your institution and view specific instructions on how to check out.

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Learn more about how to browse the Quartzy Shop, including search and filtering functionality.

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To make buying from Quartzy even user, learn how to make Quartzy a punchout tile at your university. 

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Quartzy is partnered with over 1800 industry-leading suppliers.

Some of the brands with which we work include: