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Quartzy Weekly Feature Demo Series (non-profit subscription)

DATES: Ongoing TIME: 1:00 pm (PT)

Attend this demo series to learn & ask live questions about Quartzy. Featured topics will be presented on the dates indicated to the right. Register for the events that fit best with your schedule.


This series will emphasize the features for non-profit, academic and governmental labs.  If you’re interested in learning more about Quartzy’s advanced subscription features, CLICK HERE to schedule a demo.


Can't make it to the event dates? No problem! Recordings of the sessions will be compiled and sent to all who register.

Event Details:

  • 3/31 & 5/5: Getting Started - Intro to Quartzy, how to create a lab & invite members
  • 4/7 & 5/12: Requests 101 - Adding requests, Requests workflow & benefits of ordering from Quartzy
  • 4/14 & 5/26: Lab Admin 101 - Uploading an order history, lab admin settings
  • 4/21 & 6/2: Inventory 101 - Uploading and organizing your inventory
  • 4/28 & 6/9: Lab Member 101 - Review of layout, modules, global search, adding requests, finding and updating items in inventory and managing profile settings.


R&D Sourcing and Procurement

DATE: April 26-28, 2022 LOCATION: Boston, MA

As the one and only community dedicated to 100+ R&D procurement, category management, and sourcing professionals, this is your must-attend conference in 2022 to benchmark your SOPs against your peers and stay at the forefront of technology to streamline your procurement processes. Leave this meeting with practical tips to drive scientific innovations with sustainability, optimized spend and strengthened vendor relationships..

During this event:

  • Come visit the Quartzy booth!


Customizing Approval Workflows, Request Fields, and Inventory Types

DATE: Tuesday May 10, 2022 TIME: 10:00 am (PT)

Learn how to customize Quartzy to fit your lab's workflow! Using these advanced features, you can control who has the power to approve requests, what information is required when submitting requests, and what data should be stored along with those items once added to your inventory. Join us as we walk you through how to use these features and ask us questions along the way!

During this event we will cover:

  • Setting up budgets and auto-approvals
  • Multi-step approvals and specializer approvers
  • Custom inventory item categories and data fields
  • How to customize the order request form


Lab Manager Leadership Summit

DATE: May 16-18, 2022 LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

The Summit will focus on key management, business, safety, and staffing challenges facing today’s lab managers. The program’s expert speakers will provide the critical information and practical advice lab managers need to lead their teams to higher levels of engagement and commitment.

Topics will range from lab safety and sustainability, to effective communication, to the challenges of managing a scientific staff. In addition to the valuable information gained from the presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from each other in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

During this event:

  • Come visit the Quartzy booth!


Org Admin 101: Managing the members and features available with your subscription

DATE: Tuesday May 24, 2022 TIME: 10:00 am (PT)

Learn about the features and functionality available to you as an Org Admin!

During this event we will cover:

  • Booking a 1:1 training session with a member of our team
  • Selecting the subscription that's right for you
  • Managing org members and seats
  • The difference between Lab Admin and Org Admin
  • Overview of some advanced features


The Quartzy Product Roadmap

DATE: Tuesday June 7, 2022 TIME: 11:00 am (PT)

Quartzy strives to create a unique platform for our customers with an integrated software and eCommerce experience. As we create our roadmap we focus on making improvements to both sides of our product with the goal of providing our customers with an end to end solution that provides invaluable productivity gains and contributes to an accelerated pace of scientific discovery.

You can view our public roadmap HERE anytime. Join us for this webinar to learn what the Product Team is working on in the upcoming year.

During this event we will cover:

  • A quick overview of recently released features
  • Upcoming feature releases
  • Sneak peak on things coming down the pipeline


Quartzy Shop: Quotes and Equivalent Matches

DATE: Tuesday June 21, 2022 TIME: 10:00 am (PT)

Learn from Quartzy's Life Science Product Team all about quotes and equivalent matches.

During this event we will cover:

  • Viewing and accepting quotes
  • Understanding equivalent matches
  • Searching the Shop


How Quartzy streamlines lab operations

DATE: Tuesday June 28, 2022 TIME: 10:00 am (PT)

Are you interested in learning more about Quartzy, but not interested in a 1:1 call with a member of our team? Then this webinar is perfect for you!

You’ll be able to use this time to ask any questions alongside other people who may have the same questions as you about getting started with Quartzy. And if you would like to discuss options with an Account Executive, we’ll help get you in touch!

During this event we will cover:

  • How Quartzy’s platform helps labs streamline their ordering process and manage their inventory
  • What new features our team has recently developed
  • The benefits of buying lab supplies from the Quartzy Shop
  • How to sign-up for a free trial and decide on the right subscription plan for your organization

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