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Quartzy Shop: Find the best lab supplies at the best prices

DATE: August 31, 2022

Are you still going to multiple vendor websites to check pricing and availability? Then the Quartzy Shop is where you should be searching! Browse through over 10 million products from thousands of vendors right from your Quartzy account. 


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from a member of Quartzy's Product Team how to make the most of your search for lab supplies in Quartzy's one stop shop. 

During this event we will cover:

  • How to effectively use Shop search and filters
  • Understanding availability and lead times
  • What products Quartzy supplies (consumables, chemicals, cell lines, and more!)


Quartzy Product Roadmap: What's new and what's coming

DATE: September 14, 2022

Quartzy strives to create a unique platform for our customers with an integrated software and eCommerce experience. As we create our roadmap we focus on making improvements to both sides of our product with the goal of providing our customers with an end to end solution that provides invaluable productivity gains and contributes to an accelerated pace of scientific discovery.

You can view our public roadmap HERE anytime. Join us for this webinar to learn what the Product Team is working on in the upcoming year.

During this event we will cover:

  • A quick overview of recently released features
  • Upcoming feature releases
  • Sneak peak on things coming down the pipeline


Fierce Biotech Summit

DATE: September 19-20, 2022 LOCATION: Boston, MA

Innovation has always been the lifeblood of biotech. The industry couldn’t exist without creative thinkers willing to tackle the thorniest problems in biology—and the investors willing to take the risk to back their big ideas. 


At the Fierce Biotech Summit, we’ll discover what biotech innovation means today—how it’s happening, where it’s happening, and who’s making it happen. And in that final category, we’ll introduce the 2022 Fierce Biotech Fierce 15, a new class of innovators on the biotech stage.

Join Quartzy for the following events:

  • Panel Discussion - Check back for exact time and date!
  • Happy Hour - Check back for exact time and date!


Product Demo: Streamline Lab Operations with Quartzy

DATE: September 28, 2022 TIME: 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET

Are you trying to decide if Quartzy is the right solution for getting your lab organized? Then this product demo webinar is perfect for you!

You’ll be able to use this time to ask any questions alongside other people who may have the same questions as you about getting started with Quartzy. And if you would like to discuss subscription options with an Account Executive, we’ll help get you in touch!

During this event we will cover:

  • How Quartzy’s platform helps labs streamline their ordering process and manage their inventory
  • What new features our team has recently developed
  • The benefits of buying lab supplies from the Quartzy Shop
  • How to sign-up for a free trial and decide on the right subscription plan for your organization


Quartzy Weekly Feature Demo Series (non-profit subscription)

DATES: Ongoing Oct-Nov TIME: 1:00 pm PT/4:00pm ET

Come learn about the different features of Quartzy! Featured topics will be presented on the dates indicated to the right. Register for the events that fit best with your schedule.


This demo series is geared towards helping new Lab Admins in non-profit, academic and governmental labs learn how to get the most use out of Quartzy. If you’re interested in learning more about Quartzy’s advanced subscription features, CLICK HERE to schedule a demo.


Can't make it to the event dates? No problem! Recordings of the sessions will be compiled and sent to all who register.

Event Details:

  • 10/5 & 11/2: Getting Started - Intro to Quartzy, registration, inviting members, and profile settings
  • 10/12 & 11/9: Request 101 - Adding Requests, Request workflow, and Quartzy quotes
  • 10/19 & 11/16: Lab Admin 101 - Organizing your order history, running reports, and the differences between user roles
  • 10/26 & 11/30: Inventory 101 - Uploading and organizing inventory, barcodes, and the Quartzy mobile app

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