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The Quartzy Product Roadmap

Quartzy strives to create a unique platform for our customers with an integrated software and eCommerce experience. As we create our roadmap we focus on making improvements to both sides of our product with the goal of providing our customers with an end to end solution that provides invaluable productivity gains and contributes to an accelerated pace of scientific discovery.

Utilize this key when reading the list of features below to understand which phase it’s currently in:

In Development (Feature in Development, Beta)
Early Access (Feature Complete, Production Ready, Customer Opt in)
General Availability (Feature Complete, Available in Production)

Note: The best way to be updated about product features and functionality is to subscribe to our product emails or our blog. If you’re interested in contributing to what we should focus on next please email feedback@quartzy.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Requesting supplies

Feature About this enhancement H1 2021 H2 2021 2022+
Custom request fields Customize the fields used for creating and managing requests so you know how you’re spending your money and nothing slips through the cracks icon-EA icon-GA
Multi-step approval flow Make sure all your purchases are reviewed by the appropriate people by creating customized, tiered approval flows icon-ID icon-GA
Improvements to searching Request History Typos and partial matches won’t stop you from finding Requests throughout your Quartzy account icon-GA
Capture packing slips Take pictures of packing slips when receiving packages so you don’t have to store physical paper any more icon-ID icon-GA

Using Inventory to keep track of supplies

Feature About this enhancement H1 2021 H2 2021 2022+
Improvements to searching Inventory items Easily find your supplies with partial keyword matching and other features icon-GA
Inventory minimum thresholds Get notified anytime an inventory item drops below a preferred minimum amount so you never run out of the items you need icon-ID icon-GA
Easy Inventory replenishment Create and scan barcodes for easy item replenishment and inventory quantity updating icon-ID icon-EA
Inventory sublocations Organize your inventory with multiple levels of sublocations so you can easily find everything you need icon-ID

Integrating Quartzy with other software you use

Feature About this enhancement H1 2021 H2 2021 2022+
QuickBooks Online purchase order integration Get your orders placed faster by automatically creating purchase orders in QuickBooks Online icon-GA
NetSuite purchase order integration Automate NetSuite purchase order creation using data from your Quartzy account so orders are placed faster icon-GA
Webhooks Integrate Quartzy with another software such as a homegrown system or an automation tool such as Zapier, Workato etc. icon-GA
Integration with communication tools Send information from Quartzy to an external service such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gmail etc. to create custom alerts icon-EA icon-GA
Integration with reporting and analysis tools Send information from Quartzy to an external service such as Google Sheets, Looker etc. to create custom reports icon-EA icon-GA
Public API to manage Requests and Inventory Create and update Quartzy requests and inventory items from another system icon-ID icon-GA
NetSuite item receipt integration Receiving an item in Quartzy automatically updates NetSuite so both systems are always in sync icon-ID

Buying from the Quartzy Shop

Feature About this enhancement H1 2021 H2 2021 2022+
Product pages View product details in the Quartzy Shop in a standalone webpage with richer information icon-GA
Communicating out of stock status Distinguish Quartzy Shop items that are temporarily or indefinitely backordered (out of stock) icon-GA
Delivery date communication and filtering Display a range of delivery dates for items likely to be affected by supply chain issues. Filter items from the Quartzy Shop search results based on delivery dates. icon-ID icon-GA
Browsing and Category navigation improvements Find items in the Quartzy shop more easily, when you browse items by product and application categories icon-GA
In-stock alternates for backorders Pre-select in-stock alternate products as a replacement in case the original item is out of stock icon-GA

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